stories from forest and steppe cover

Stories from Forest and Steppe

stories from forest and steppe cover

ISBN: 9781907605611
eISBN: 9781907605628
Dimensions: 134 mm x 205 mm
Pages: 214
Format: Paperback
Published:01 July 2014
Price: £9.99

“My breath freezes into hoar frost on my eyelashes and eyebrows …  but I dare not move; to stand still is the first rule the huntsman learns, for the game has sharper eyes than man and it may be watching you from behind some bush long before you ever suspect its presence. And then suddenly, right in front of me, as if rising out of the snow, appears a wolf …”

A rare glimpse into a forgotten world, we return in this second volume to the memoirs of Countess Edith Sollohub as she shares her fascinating hunting adventures. The reader is regaled with tales of days and nights spent in the snowy woods tracking elk, the sights and smells as she wanders alone into a wolf den, the emotion she feels when coming face-to-face with a majestic bear, torn between letting it live or die. Each story is unique and beautifully recounted in the same entrancing voice we came to know and love in The Russian Countess: Escaping Revolutionary Russia. Poetic, emotive, at times terrifying, Edith draws you in to her wild world of hunting, survival, and the friendships she makes along the way.

Countess Edith Sollohub taught herself to type in order to support herself and her sons in their one-room apartment in Paris following the Russian Revolution. She typed some of her accounts of her life in Imperial Russia in snatched moments, and added to these in later life when settled in England. Her hunting adventures, just like her previous memoir, were lovingly deciphered from handwritten notes by her surviving family and are accompanied by photographs that they have unearthed.

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