The End of Where We Begin

The End of Where We Begin cover
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ISBN: 9781911293552
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Available: 30 November 2020

ISBN: 9781911293569
Format: E-Book
Price: £3.99
Available: 30 November 2020

Veronica is a teenager when civil war erupts in South Sudan. Lonely and friendless after the death of her father, she finds solace in her first boyfriend, and together they flee across the city when the fighting breaks out. On the same night, Daniel, the son of a colonel, also makes his escape, but finds himself stranded by the River Nile, alone and vulnerable. Lilian is a young mother, who runs for her life holding the hand of her little boy Harmony until a bomb attack wrenches them apart, forcing her to trek on alone.

After epic journeys of endurance, their lives cross in Bidi Bidi in Uganda the world s largest refugee camp. There they meet James, a counsellor who helps them to find light and hope in the darkest of places.

The End of Where We Begin is a gripping and intimate true life account of three young people whose promising lives are brutally interrupted by war. It documents their heart-breaking and inspiring battle to keep moving on through the extremes of attack, injury, exile and trauma. It is a story of the bonds of community and resilience in adversity a powerful message for our troubled times.


‘I loved The End of Where We Begin. It is a beautiful, moving and important book about survival and the power of the human spirit. With wonderful storytelling and poetic detail, Ros Russell takes us to a distant land, and into complicated, nuanced lives. She helps us to sense the emotions, and empathise with the heartache and joy, of astonishingly resilient people enduring lives and experiences most of us would otherwise struggle to imagine, let alone comprehend. –Simon Reeve, Author and TV Presenter

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