100 ways to improve the world cover

100 Ways to Improve the World

100 ways to improve the world cover

ISBN: 9780954758660
eISBN:  9781907605192
Dimensions: 131 mm x 198 mm
Pages: 212
Format: Paperback
Published: 23 Aug 2006
Price: £7.99

Peter Staines thinks God made rather a ham-fisted job of constructing the world, trying to shove millions of years’ worth of work into just six days. Typical cowboy builder. And as a carpet salesman with over twenty years in the trade, he feels he’s more than qualified to comment.

So Peter’s come up with some improvements – conveyor belts along the high street, points for good deeds, gender choice, holographic memory projection, identity swaps, no death or defecation and, oh, no golf. Shame his own tidy little world is unravelling. You know, the usual stuff: murder, prostitution, gambling, infidelity, death and the Annual Carpet and Floor Covering Exhibition to survive.

Ultimately Peter is led to question everything he thought he knew, believed in and understood. But, then maybe, just maybe, life isn’t that bad after all.

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