Dead Olives

dead olives cover

eISBN: 9781907605918
Format: eBook
Price: £3.99
Available: 31st July 2016

With Greece caught in the jaws of economic crisis, the lives of its people are spiralling into disarray. Sunday and Samwells Ngone are migrants struggling to survive in a country rife with poverty and patrolled by right-wing militias.

Filoxénia is trying to carve out an independent life for herself in the city, while her beautiful sister Anássa is keeping dangerous company. Their lives are brought together by events at the FlyKing Hotel.

A theft. A shooting. And the flight of a group of migrants who all share one name. The intertwined lives of Greeks as disparate as policemen, academics and anarchists will be exposed. As economic and racial tensions flare, old friendships are tested and loyalties broken.

Ripples from the FlyKing are felt throughout the already turbulent city of Athens and the small village of Páno Pétro.

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