Spill (some stories)

eISBN: 9781907605802
Format: eBook
Available: 1 Dec 2015
Price: £2.99

“A small glass bottle is filled with thick, yellowing liquid – something like melted butter. In amongst the clouding viscous, a jellied hand pushes from the inside. The fingers spread like an accidental spill.”

This short story compilation ranges from heart-warming comedy to ruminations on existence: from the bizarre to the eerily macabre. See weird and wonderful preserved exhibits in a dusty old museum, immerse yourself in the conversation at a dinner party, or step foot into Dr Grost’s office. This remarkable, thirteen-story collection, introduces a huge variety of engaging characters and showcases Ward’s trademark style and humour.

Each story has something new to offer and a different angle on life, love and our social construction in Britain, but they also stand boldly alone as individual pieces. A unique collection of funny, dark and twisted stories that aren’t like any others I’ve come across before.
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