Click, Double-Click

Click, Double Click cover

ISBN: 9781907605727
eISBN: 9781907605734
Dimensions: 134 mm x 205 mm
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
Published: 01 Aug 2015
Price: £6.99

When Dr Cameron-Strange solves an obscure cryptic crossword, he discovers the threat of a violent attack on a Fife university campus. In the face of ridicule, he takes actions into his own hands and embarks on a personal mission which takes him to the far north-west of Scotland, and the edge of insanity. Only there does he decipher the true solution to the puzzle. But will he return in time to avert disaster?

Newinbooks interview

Click, Double Click is a fascinating first novel, and it’s not quite like anything I’ve ever read before. Readers seeking a different kind of crime novel, one that features a doctor instead of a detective, and the prevention rather than the solving of a crime, will enjoy it. Seasoned crime readers will also likely enjoy the wry, contemplative voice of Campbell’s borderline antihero.
– Marya Pasciuto, Mystery/ Thriller/Suspense Riffle Editor, Riffle Books review

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