The Seven Trials of Cameron-Strange

7 Trials of Cameron-Stranger cover

ISBN: 9781907605833
eISBN: 9781907605840
Dimensions: 134 mm x 205 mm
Pages: 300
Format: Paperback
Published: 1st November 2016
Price: £7.99

Just when the bereaved and troubled Dr Alastair Cameron-Strange rediscovers his life on the other side of the world, the British authorities track him down. They recruit him on a mission which takes him to the farthest reaches of New Zealand, to Xanadu with all its grotesque gargoyles, chief among them Phineas Fox, the American business tycoon whose baleful eye is on the White House.  There’s something not quite right about Mr Fox, and Cameron-Strange, with the help of the beautiful Nikki, is determined to find out what it is.  He survives six ordeals, but will he survive a seventh?

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