Dawoud El-Alami

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Dawoud El-Alami is of Palestinian heritage but was brought up in Egypt where he obtained  the Licence en Droit from Cairo University and worked as a lawyer. He holds a Ph.D. from Glasgow University in Islamic Personal Status Law and has lived and worked in the UK for more than thirty years. He worked as a researcher at the Universities of Kent and Oxford and taught at Al al-Bayt University in Jordan in its inaugural year. He worked for sixteen years at the University of Wales, Lampeter where he taught Islamic Studies and Islamic Law and was course director of an MA in Religion and Politics.  He and Dan Cohn-Sherbok taught parallel courses on the State of Israel and the Palestine Question.  He is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Aberdeen.  His specialist field is in Islamic Personal Status Law, but he has a strong interest in Middle Eastern history and politics.

Terror and Religion brings together leading academics – Rabbi, Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Christian author and lecturer, George D. Chryssides, and Islamic scholar Dawoud El-Alami – in a dialogue that engages with the most pressing questions of our time.