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Growing up in post-war Britain Edward Fisher was part of the generation of artists and writers that flourished during the freedom and creativity of the time.

Fisher studied Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in the late fifties and it is there that he first became aware by the work of renowned British artist Wallace Slade and, as a consequence, disillusioned with his own artistic ambitions, preferring to swap brush for pen and follow a career as a critic instead.

His subsequent career as a journalist stuttered. Despite a talent as a reviewer of, in particular, modern art movements, he found acknowledgement hard to come by. As a freelance writer he often submitted reviews and essays to art journals and newspapers with varying success.

Throughout his lifetime Fisher maintained a continuing fascination for Wallace Slade, interviewing him on a number of occasions and winning his trust. Many of the notes and transcripts he gathered he used to form the basis of an extensive biography he planned to publish. It was only after the writer’s death that the full extent of Fisher’s notes and writings were discovered.

Edward Fisher died aged 45. His all-but-finished biography of Wallace Slade was only discovered long after his untimely death in 1989. He was survived by a wife and young daughter.

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