Historical Fiction

Almodis The Peaceweaver

“Intelligent, thrilling and dramatic. Endearing characters added into the mix make this a book you won’t easily forget.” Review on Waterstones.co.uk

ISBN: 9781907605055
eISBN: 9781907605093
Dimensions: 135 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 345
Format: Paperback
Published: 12 Oct 2011
Price: £6.99

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Conquest Book 1: Daughter of the Last King

1093. The three sons of William the Conqueror – Robert Duke of Normandy, William II King of England and Count Henry – fight with each other for control of the Anglo-Norman kingdom created by their father’s conquest…

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Conquest Book 2: The Drowned Court

1107. Henry I finally reigns over England, Normandy and Wales, but his rule is far from secure. He faces a series of treacherous assassination attempts, and rebellion in Normandy is scuppering his plans to secure a marriage for his son and heir. With the King torn between his kingdoms and Nest settled with her Norman husband, can she evade Henry’s notice or will she fall under his control once more? As her brother Gruffudd garners support in an effort to reclaim his kingdom, Nest finds she cannot escape the pull of her Welsh heritage…

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Assembly of the Dead cover

The Assembly of the Dead

Morocco, 1906. The country is caught between growing European influence and domestic instability. As young women disappear from the alleyways of Marrakesh, Farook Al-Alami, a detective from Tangier, is summoned to solve the case of the apparent abductions. Investigating crimes in a country without a police force, Farook enters Marrakesh on the orders of the Sultan. But, in a city under siege from famine and fear, he must rely on his own intuition and skill to uncover the mystery of the women’s fate. Will anything halt the spate of disappearances until then? And can a single, criminal pair of hands lie behind events? As the story of the missing women becomes increasingly treacherous, the tension escalates around Jemma el-Fna, where the dead assemble.

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The Day’s heat

Set in the early sixties against the backdrop of impending national integration, the novel follows Lee James, a dark-skinned, Catholic, Lebanese girl who comes to a small south Georgia town. Lee has already seen the partiality shown her younger, fairer sister Ray, and experienced prejudice even in the Catholic church that she dutifully attends with her two daughters, who both have their father’s blonde hair and blue eyes.

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The Joyce Girl

Paris 1928. Lucia, the talented and ambitious daughter of James Joyce, is making a name for herself as a dancer, training with many famous dancers of her day and moving in social circles which throw her into contact with Samuel Beckett. Convinced she has clairvoyant powers, she believes her destiny is to marry Beckett, but the overbearing shadow of her father threatens this vision. Caught between her own ambitions and desires, and her parents’ demands, Lucia faces both emotional and psychological struggles that attract the attention of pioneer psychoanalyst Dr Jung.

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The Viking Hostage cover

The Viking Hostage

Set in late 10th century France and Wales, The Viking Hostage tells the intertwining stories of three women living through turbulent times of Viking raids, Christian conversions, and struggles for power across Europe at the turn of the millennium.

ISBN: 9781907605598
eISBN: 9781907605604
Dimensions: 135 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 404
Format: Paperback
Published: 1 Sept 2014
Price: £9.99

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