Almodis The Peaceweaver

Almodis cover

ISBN: 9781907605055
eISBN: 9781907605093
Dimensions: 135 mm x 210 mm
Pages: 345
Format: Paperback
Published: 12 Oct 2011
Price: £6.99

A story of love, adventure and scandal based on the real life of the eleventh-century Countess Almodis de la Marche.

After generations of fighting amongst the ruling families of eleventh-century Occitania, the marriage of Almodis de la Marche to Hugh of Lusignan is intended to bring peace and harmony to the region. But at a time when a noblewoman’s purpose is to produce an heir, Almodis resolves to create her own dynasty.

Almodis’s path to power and happiness is fraught with drama. Having escaped her mariage blanc to God-fearing Hugh, she weds the lascivious Pons of Toulouse and takes over the administration of the great city. However, his distrust leaves him plotting to imprison her at a nunnery. Fearing for her life, Almodis flees in the dead of night – the young, gallant Count of Barcelona might be her one chance, if only he wasn’t betrothed to another…

Intrigue, forbidden love and murder underpin this extraordinary story based upon the life of a real medieval countess, whose children went on to rule southern France and northern Spain.

“It delivers a fair few unexpected twists, the writing can be affectedly beautiful but the emotional content is delivered raw and ungarnished” A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe (Review)

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