Imagining Vietnam

Imagining Vietnam cover

ISBN: 9781907605338
ISBN: 9781907605345
Dimensions: 206 mm x 134 mm
Pages: 245
Format: Paperback
Published: 1 Dec 2012
Price: £6.99

History explains what happened in the past; Imagining Vietnam shows us what it was like to live in past times. Eight memorable stories, spanning ten centuries of Vietnamese history, take us back to the drama and excitement of the past. From Lan, dreaming of attaining womanhood in ‘The Black Stain’, to Hanh, driving stakes into the riverbed to repel the Mongol horde in ‘The Mongolian Stake’, Elizabeth McLean’s characters draw us into vivid personal experiences of times gone by. Dramatic, resonant and beautifully crafted, these stories form a triumphant debut from an author with a superb gift for storytelling. Elizabeth McLean spent six years teaching and working in Hanoi. Curiosity and fascination with Vietnamese history and folklore inspired her to write Imagining Vietnam. She now lives and writes in Vancouver, Canada.

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