History of England's Cathedrals cover

The History of England’s Cathedrals

History of England's Cathedrals cover

ISBN: 9781907605925/9781907605987
eISBN: 9781907605932
Format: Hardback/Paperback/eBook
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Available: 1st September 2017
Category: History, religious history, social history

Information sheet

‘Clear, accessible, and superbly illustrated, this book should be essential reading for visitors to English cathedrals and for anyone with an interest in them.
The author sets out their history from the beginning to the present, with a sympathetic and highly informed appreciation of them not only as architectural structures but also as places of worship, sources of inspiration not least for novelists and playwrights, subjects of antiquarian interest, destinations for tourists and visitors, foci for local communities, and more.
The book offers much more than can be found in guide-books or in general histories of the Church.
It shows how cathedrals were shaped in their decoration and in their layout by changing ideas not only about religion but also about the nature of the past, how they survived across the centuries a series of crises which threatened their very existence, and how what the visitor sees today, whether in ancient or in relatively newly-built cathedrals,  can only be understood in the light of their history, the organisation of their staff and endowments, and the historic changes which have affected, and continue to affect, their place in the Church and in society.
In its conception and planning, the book has no rival in serious and accessible literature. Anyone interested in cathedrals should have it on their shelves.’ 
David Rollason, Professor Emeritus of Early Medieval History, Durham University


‘The Cathedrals of England are institutions older than the realm itself, and are perhaps more cherished and flourishing now than they have ever been, as this richly enjoyable volume makes clear. There can be no-one better qualified than Nicholas Orme to present the full range of their long history’ Diarmaid MacCulloch Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford.

England’s sixty or so Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals are among its most iconic buildings and attract thousands of worshippers and visitors every year. Yet though much has been written about their architecture, there is no complete guide to their history and activities. This book provides the first rounded account of the whole of their 1700 years from Roman times to the present day.

It explains the layout of their buildings, the people who ran them, their worship and music, their links with learning and education, and their outreach to society. It relates their history to the history of England and shows how they adapted to change and weathered disasters to survive as great repositories of our national history.

Nicholas Orme is a noted religious historian, and this is his pioneer history of the subject. Although much has been written about their architecture, no one has ever told the whole of their story from Roman times to the present day, and in such an accessible manner.  

Why Cathedrals?
Romans and Anglo-Saxons
The Normans and Angevins
The Later Middle Ages
The Reformation
From Elizabeth I to James II
The Long Eighteenth Century
The Victorians
The Twentieth Century