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The Palestinian State

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ISBN: 9781907605291
eISBN: 9781907605314
Dimensions: 132 mm x 205 mm
Pages: 129
Format: Paperback
Published: 28 Feb 2012
Price: £7.99

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Terrasanta interview

“[He] presents the history and aspirations of both sides with fairness and compassion. It is therefore essential reading…” Revd Dr Stephen Sizer, author of Christian Zionism: Road-Map to Armageddon?

 In the shadow of the Holocaust, the empowered must empower those who seek nationhood, before it is too late.”

In this concise volume American-born Reform rabbi and Professor of Judaism Dan Cohn-Sherbok outlines the history of the conflict in Israel and draws on ethical Jewish religious principles to create a compelling argument for Jews world-wide to press for the creation of a Palestinian state in the Holy Land.

With a preface by Dr Dawoud El-Alami, co-author of The Palestine–Israeli Conflict.