Impress Prize for New Writers

2021 Winner Announced

We’re excited to announce the winner of the 2021 Impress Prize for New Writers. The unanimous decision by the panel of judges is The Survivors by Susan McRae.

The panel said: ‘We’re delighted to have chosen The Survivors by Susan McRae as this year’s winner of the Impress Prize for New Writers. After a wide-ranging discussion of all of the shortlisted books, The Survivors emerged as a clear favourite. Spanning a defining time in Ukrainian history, from 1930 to World War Two to 1993, this is a timely and hugely evocative novel. With a compelling writing style, we were immensely impressed with Susan’s narrative, and the central defining question of ‘what if’ that sits at the heart of all family history. We feel sure that this is a story which will resonate both with lovers of historical fiction and with those keen to understand Ukraine’s semi-recent history, and can’t wait for it to be out there with readers.’

In fact, readers won’t have to wait long as The Survivors has already been signed by Impress Books. CEO Jeffrey Collyer said, ‘We’d already requested the full manuscript long before the prize was announced and we’re very excited to be working with the Susan on it. This is a powerful story that needs to be told regardless of current world events.’

The book starts just before the horrific famine of 1932-33 – the Holodomor – and then moves to Kyiv for the period of the second world war where Ukrainian nationalists first fight against the Russians and then against the Germans.

The Survivors is due for release in Autumn 2022.

A Fragile Resistance by James Tobin

An Ordinary Child by Claire Parsons

The Doll in the Gingham Dress by Alison Wray

The Maids of Biddenden by Glyn Harper

The Survivors by Susan McRae.

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