Death of the Elver Man (Alex Hastings #1)

When one of her probationers is charged with murder, only Alex Hastings knows he’s innocent. But trying to prove it leaves her being hunted by the real killer.




The first in a series, Death of the Elver Man is a crime thriller set in the 1980s. Probation officer Alex is struggling with the customs, dialect and prejudice she faces as an ‘in-comer’ to the Somerset Levels. When one of her probationers, Kevin Mallory, is charged with robbing and murdering a man who operated in the highly-lucrative poaching underworld she is thrust, centre stage, into the investigation.

Only Alex knows that Mallory is innocent and sets out to find the real killer and prove to her colleagues that she is ‘up to the job’. Alex and her diminutive assistant Lauren begin to piece together their detective work, unaware that they have become the hunted as they are stalked through the eerie landscape of the Levels…

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E-book, Paperback